Your First Visit

Welcome to a new approach in healing and improving your pet's health!  We are excited to embark upon this journey with you. 

At the first appointment, we review history and records: discuss nutrition, lifestyle, and state of health, answer your questions and address your concerns, and draw a realistic plan of action. An initial homeopathic remedy is then prescribed.  Dietary supplementation may be recommended.


Because of all that, our first consultation is usually a long one (about an hour). Our charges are based on the time the doctors spend on the case. Time is billed in slots of 15 minutes, whether the doctor is examining your pet or talking to you (at the office or by telephone) as well as time we may need to spend working on the case later.

The hourly rate is $300.  Follow-up appointments may vary between 15 to 45 minutes (usually $75 to $225) and can be done either in the clinic or through a phone consultation.  There is a $75 minimum charge and for new clients, there is a one-time fee of $10.00 for the doctor to study transferred patient charts, and to process the new client information into our computer.

In addition to in-office visits and telephone consultations, accumulated e-mail response time from the doctor will be billed at her usual rate of $75.00 per 15 minutes.


We work efficiently and try very hard to offer you ideas and solutions to your pet's problems that are easy, natural and affordable!

Frequently, when we start homeopathic treatment, we will be dealing with patients suffering from chronic, long-standing diseases that no longer respond to conventional treatment, or that come back after medication is discontinued.  Complex, recurrent problems usually require more time and care to resolve than acute, uncomplicated cases.  That is because it takes time for our bodies to heal in a true sense: to become stronger, so that we can adequately deal with life's next challenge.

In the course of homeopathic treatment, old symptoms can reappear. Please contact us for the appropriate response rather than use drugs that you may have used before.  Homeopathy, like all other non-western modalities of healing, works through stimulating the reaction of our own defense mechanism to achieve a cure of the problem, regardless of the diagnosis.  Even when the animal is too old or has been ill too long for a complete cure, homeopathic and other complementary therapies can greatly increase quality of life of our best friends!