Scheduling Your First Visit


At the first appointment, we review history and records, discuss nutrition, lifestyle, and state of health, answer your questions and address your concerns, and draw a realistic plan of action.  An initial homeopathic remedy is then prescribed.  Dietary supplementation may be recommended.

Because of all that, our first consultation is usually a long one (about an hour). Our charges are based on the time the doctor spends on the case. Time is billed in slots of 15 minutes, whether the doctor is examining your pet or talking to you (at the office or by telephone) as well as time we may need to spend working on the case later.

The hourly rate is $300.  Follow-up appointments may vary between 15 to 30 minutes (usually $75 to $150) and can be done either in the clinic or through a phone consultation. There is a $75 minimum charge and for new clients, there is a one-time fee of $10.00 (for the doctor to study transferred patient charts, and to process  new client information).

In addition to in-office visits and telephone consultations, accumulated e-mail response time from the doctor will be billed at her usual rate of $75.00 per 15 minutes.

We work efficiently and try very hard to offer you ideas and solutions to your pet's problems that are easy, natural and affordable!

Over the past few years, MercyVet has grown its skilled veterinary staff in order to offer and maintain the stellar service to which our established clientele has become accustomed.  We strive to see patients referred by other veterinarians as soon as possible -- ideally within a week or two. When making an appointment with any of our doctors, you may request that your name be placed on our cancellation list, and you will be notified of cancellations.

Dr. Sehn works Mondays and Thursdays, 12-5; Tuesdays 9-5; Wednesdays,  surgery.
Dr. Brienen works Fridays and every other Wednesday.
Dr. Nobrega works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

We require that your pet(s) medical records be faxed (206-232-1169), mailed or delivered to us prior to your first appointment, in order for the doctor to study his/her case thoroughly and make appropriate recommendations. Due to their young age, puppies and kittens may be exempt.