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September 1, 2019

Great news: Dr Kirkby Shaw has founded a OA care website with tips for vets and clients!

August 7, 2019.


 Last year, cardiologists around the country started observing unexpected cases of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dog breeds that historically had not been known to develop this serious condition. Not all cases were alike, but most dogs improved upon dietary change and taurine supplementation. The most frequent commonality between cases were the presence of legumes in the kibble.

Once the word got out, a team of investigators and the FDA started looking into this issue, and in December, the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine (JAVMA), a highly reputable publication, issued an op-ed implicating B.E.G. diets (boutique, exotic and grain free) and lack of taurine as most likely culprits.

The article has been downloaded thousands of times, and many worried pet owners and veterinarians are struggling to choose and recommend safe formulations. Often the knee jerk response is to go back to poor quality, grain laden kibbles. Here at MercyVet, we have looked for answers and spoken to our cardiologists to try to come up with a commonsense response. Then we found out that the original article in JAVMA was not peer reviewed, has critical flaws and was written by 3 researchers working for the big manufacturers that heavily rely on grains, a previously undisclosed huge conflict of interest.

Such shortcomings doom this report in any professional field. The real lesson we have learned is that we cannot trust anyone! The pet food industry, the manufacturers, AAFCO (who requires no feeding trials) even the FDA which is refusing to release critical information about their research. As veterinarians, the AVMA has advised us to not promote raw foods – based on research provided by the very same vet who wrote this December article.

Our cardiologists tell us there is something underlying these new cases, so here’s the advice you’ve been waiting for:

                Avoid using food from the same company all the time; varying type of food prevents excesses and deficiencies from occurring

                Use fresh foods, frozen, freeze dried. Synthetic nutrients are not the same as natural ones.

                Supplement your dog’s diet with fresh ingredients; discuss specific supplements with your vet as dogs are individuals and certain disease patterns affect their needs

                Keep track of weight. If underfed, the dog may not be getting some critical amino acids – methionine and cysteine – from which the dog synthesizes taurine.

                Visit your vet annually, or if there are signs of illness or changes in energy level, appetite, or engagement.


MercyVet has been hit by a dramatic rent increase, forcing us to raise our rate as of August 1st .

We remain dedicated to providing our community with the best veterinary care and services.

Thank you for your understanding and support. 

Help amend current rabies vaccine requirements for cats and dogs


A bill has been introduced in the Washington State House of Representatives that would amend current Washington requirements for rabies vaccines in household pets. 

As we all know, current regulations require dogs and cats (and other household pets) to be revaccinated every 3 years, and we know most pets remain protected much longer. House Bill 1741 would allow for a positive antibody titer to meet rabies vaccination requirement statewide. 

Here’s what you can do to help this law pass: click the link below to the Washington state legislature site and select “comment on this bill” to voice your support.  You will need to enter your address to confirm your district. You may opt to do this twice using your home address first then the address of your practice next, as they may be different districts with different representatives. You can then type a message to send.

 This portal restricts your message to a 1000 character limit, but you can also send a message of any length to any Representative via their actual email addresses, which you can find in this roster

 The bill was referred to the Public Safety Committee. Here are the members of this committee,

 It does help to get the bill traction to email committee members.  If this legislation progresses, there will be a public hearing at the Capitol with an open comment period for the public to voice their support or opposition. Please consider watching this bill and attending a hearing if so. The more veterinary professionals writing in support the better will help move this bill along. Pet owners are also needed, so feel free to let your clients know about this bill as well. Personal stories of how over vaccination has affected your patients or your own pets is also helpful to include when writing legislators. 

 Thank you for your support and let’s get this bill passed! If you have any questions you can reach out to Leah Houser at

Featured Friends

Mercy vet is happy to announce that we Donate to the Doney CLinic!

The Doney Clinic has been serving people and pets in need for over 25 years. In addition to veterinary care, a pet food bank and other generously donated items are appreciated and taken to locations such as ours to get to those in need.

Kauai & Maui - Did You Know?

As part of their animal rescue program, Wings of Aloha and Aloha Escorts, local humane societies in Kauai and Maui transfer pets to the mainland for adoption using Alaska Airlines passenger volunteers! Anybody traveling to the islands can email them with their date of departure and flight info, and they will contact you during your trip if they have pets to transfer!


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