Your practices are all a cut above any veterinarian care I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve had my own companions since 1971! Holistic implies integrative and you truly work any problem that comes up from multiple modalities, giving our friends every opportunity to stay in or return to good health.

I’m so grateful to be able to feel that I, with your help, did all I could to maintain health and well being for my dear Pippin to the end of her days around here.
— Mary Braaten

Have you ever wanted a better understanding to Homeopathic treatments? This course is Dr. Jacquline approved and you do not need to be in the professional pet or medical field to take this course or learn new ways of helping your FURfamily & FURiends!
Set your calendars for June 23rd - June 24th and check it out @


         mercy vET IS HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE ARE A DROP OFF LOCATION FOR DONATIONS. tHE dONEY CLINIC has been serving people and pets in need for over 25 years. In addition to veterinary care, a pet food bank AND Other generously donated items ARE APPRECIATED AND TAKEN TO LOCATIONS SUCH AS OURS TO GET TO THOSE IN NEED.   



***Warning to pet owners***
Updated FDA reports on jerky pet treats 

Kauai & Maui - Did You Know?

As part of their animal rescue program, Wings of Aloha and Aloha Escorts, local humane societies in Kauai and Maui transfer pets to the mainland for adoption using Alaska Airlines passenger volunteers! Anybody traveling to the islands can email them with their date of departure and flight info, and they will contact you during your trip if they have pets to transfer!

Ode to Dead Heartworms

Oh worms of my heart
That have done their part
To damage each fiber and cell

I say “vanquish” to you
and all that you do
good riddance and go to hell

I find out today
if you’ve gone away
And I feel not 1 ounce of sorrow

For soon I will run
and have some fun
I’ll be a dog again come tomorrow

I sense in my head
that you are all dead
May it be clear and right and true

I will not grieve
It’s about Time you leave
I am forever done with all of you

So out you dead worms
you’ve had your last squirms
my heart will finally be free

I’m ready to live
I have so much to give
hope the wide world is ready for me
— Oscar Dietz