MercyVet is a full service holistic veterinary hospital located in the Puget Sound region.

Our services for dogs and cats include:


Wellness exams

Diet and nutrition

Nutraceuticals and supplements







Anesthetic Free Dentistry

Laser Therapy

Light Therapy


Personal Touch

Special community support program:

The MercyVet Good Samaritan Fund


What is holistic treatment?

The goal of any medical treatment is to restore health and bring a greater sense of well-being to 'diseased' individuals. Many times modern medicine fails to effectively treat, and cure, people and animals suffering from various ailments. Drugs often bring temporary relief only, and many have serious side effects. As soon as therapy is discontinued, relapses occur, and later other systems of the body may break down.

Holistic (from w-holistic, or whole, where the entire picture of the patient is taken into account) medicine uses gentle, non invasive therapies, that attempt to elicit a response from our bodies, or in other words, stimulate our defense mechanism and immune system, making us stronger and thus able to overcome disease entirely. Things like stress, behavioral changes, emotional upset, environmental conditions, relationship of owner and pet, diet, pattern of disease are all key points to a holistic practitioner.

Your holistic veterinarian has gone through all the training of orthodox medicine, and has spent numerous hours studying and doing coursework and seminars which have enriched his/her skills as a healer, allowing the merge of new and old for the betterment of your companion's health.

Some of the holistic treatments you may find available for you and your pet are acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, nutritional and supplementation therapy, massage and physical therapy, Chinese and Western herbs, flower essences, etc.

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