The MercyVet Good Samaritan Fund

Inspired by the biblical parable, Dr. Sehn founded the MercyVet Good Samaritan Fund in order to offer a helping hand to clients in need of financial assistance.


The fund is administered by Dr. Sehn on a case-by-case basis, and serves to supplement unforeseen veterinary expenses for emergency cases, strays and rescued animals from our existing clients. Contributions from clientele, staff members and anonymous donors are often made in memory of a beloved companion who has passed away.

If you would like to make a donation to the MercyVet Good Samaritan Fund please feel free to contact our office to make arrangements. Or while in our office, you can discuss your donation with Dr. Sehn or one of her staff members. Or, if you prefer your donation be anonymous -- feel free to add it to the "kitty"! The kitty is a piggy bank that sits on the front desk in the clinic -- your pocket change can make a world of difference!

Your generous gift will greatly enhance (and perhaps save) the lives of those less fortunate.

"This is to thank the kind people who donated to the "kitty" fund; without your help I don't know how I could have helped my almost 20 yr. old 'kitten', Sophie get well! She says ' thank you very much too!"Also, of course the great Dr.S  at Mercy Vet ! Thanks again Cathy


Thank you to our generous donors!